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Green Bean Coffee is a proud supplier of KOKOWAGAYO.

From the Gayo region in Sumatra, KOKOWAGAYO (aka Gayo Women’s Coffee Cooperative) is the first and only women's owned and managed coffee cooperative in the world!

While women carry key roles in coffee production, they are traditionally excluded from economic decision-making. A group of bold women formed this all-women's cooperative to give economic power to female coffee growers.

KOKOWAGAYO strives to increase the role and capacity of women in coffee farm and financial management. This group of business-oriented women are paving the way for redefining gender norms in Sumatra. 



Kokowagayo is certified Organic and Fair Trade.

Cupping: Rich, lush, smooth, black cherry, tobacco, chocolate, well balanced.

Kokowagayo is a Grade 1, either Semi Washed or Fully Washed, Double Picked Sumatran coffee.

The essential make-up of the cup is 20% Bourbon, 60% Tim Tim (Catimor), 20% Ateng Super.

It is grown at altitudes from 1,200 – 1,500 meters. Thanks to the high growing altitude and the shade of the trees, the coffee ripens slowly allowing cherries to develop their full flavour.

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While the concept of an all-women's  cooperative in the region is innovative in the primarily Muslim Ache region, it is a  natural progression as girls receive equal education and women business leaders become  increasingly prevalent.

By February 2015, they were certified Fair Trade and organic and became an officially sanctioned Café Femenino Program by the end of the year.

With their Café Femenino premiums, they built a community center above their wet mill to allow for a safe space for women to congregate and learn new skills. Kokowagayo is conducting leadership and business training to improve, in their words, the skills and courage they need to be successful in entrepreneurship, financial management, and high quality coffee production.

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