Australia’s only full-service wholesale coffee destination.


Australia’s only full-service wholesale coffee destination.


Create an unforgettable cafe experience for your customers.

Our exclusive benchtop commercial roaster and extensive range of award-winning blends and single origin beans are the point of difference that sets our customers apart from the competition.


10 awards winning blends and over 120 Single Origin beans


Wide range of beans that carry the Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade Seal


We saved our customers over $1,000,000 on their coffee bills last year


Our roaster is simple to use and requires only basic training



The aroma and experience of seeing coffee roasted in-house sets our customers apart from the crowd


Roast as much as you want, when you want. Try small batches of single origin without the risk


Green Beans are around half the cost of roasted coffee. A roasting machine pays for itself in no time

The Green Bean Roaster

Handcrafted in the U.S.A, our roasters come in 2 sizes. The 600g roaster can roast up to 12kg in 8 hours while the 1.2kg roaster makes up to 26kg in the same time.

The Green Bean roaster was designed with the idea of truly fresh coffee being made available cup after cup. The roaster enables the operator to know that the coffee they are serving is at optimum freshness all of the time, whether it be for wet or dry sales.

As a Green Bean master roaster you will be able to offer Fresh Roasted Beans in take home packs to your customers, further expanding sales and differentiating yourself from competition in your area.

Easy to Use

The Green Bean Roaster is designed to be operated 100% by everyday employees.

After a few minutes training employees will spend about 30 seconds per roast during those little lulls throughout the day. Everyone loves doing the roasting.

It’s a fun, methodic part of the shift that gives instant results and gratification from the pride they find in roasting what they serve.

The roaster is fully programable inclusive of bluetooth connectivity. And for the aficionados out there, the built in ADR profiling software gives greater control, and all the information in real time.


Switch and Save

Our customers saved over $1,000,000 on their coffee bills last year!

Most coffee companies sell roasted beans for an average of $26 - $40 per kilo. By roasting your own Green Beans, your costs will almost halve.

If you use 30kg per week you could save up to $20k per year!

Award Winning Blends

We proudly produce 10 house blends, with a full range of flavour profiles. Coffee isn't a one-size-fits-all product, and our diverse range ensures we can find the perfect match for your customers.

Our most popular blend is our KS-6, the winner at the 2017, 2018 & 2019 at Sydney Royal Show. A premium blend of coffees made from 100% Arabica beans, it's an exotic blend from the highest grown estate.

Our blends are available unroasted or roasted to your specifications.

Single Origin

Green Bean Coffee carries an exceptional range of over 120 Single Origin Coffees from around the globe. We specialise in Fairtrade and Organic beans and are passionate about ensuring that our suppliers, customers and partners all win.

As a Green Bean wholesale partner, you have access to small batch sizes in all our beans, meaning you can offer your customers access to a rotation of freshly roasted coffee from around the world.

Our hospitality partners enjoy offering speciality Single origin coffee for limited runs alongside dining promotions, aligning the food and beverage offerings for an experience that keeps their customers coming back again and again.

Regions include: Africa, India, Asia, South America, Australasia and more.


"Green Bean Coffee has been a godsend!, Ilya ( formally quattro fine foods) couldn't have asked for a better coffee or team from green bean coffee, the patience, understanding, quality control and service is the new standard to which every providore should aspire too.
both Kirk and Michael have helped ilya through some of the toughest times that the hospitality industry has faced! Truly an amazing company and a brilliant product, We at Ilya wouldn't be here without you, Thank you Green Bean Coffee!

Ilya ( formally quattro fine foods)

"When we decided to open our cafe we knew we had to stand out and be different from the competition. That's when I found Green Bean Coffee and decided to start roasting our own coffee in house. They were incredibly professional and the training and service has been superb."

Jono's Kitchen - Rose Bay

"Opening a new business is tough and having the right support and system in place to ensure success if vital.
When I researched the easiest way to roast myself without having to rely on suppliers and their demands GREEN BEAN were the way. At first, I went in trusting with trepidation not knowing how supportive they would be but they have been exceptional from the get go. Always checking in on me to see how I am going, delivering personally and on time, just giving me advice when needed and going above and beyond always. Even when we had challenges with keeping exceptional standards, they knew where and how to adjust our equipment and processes to make sure it was improved to what was needed. I could not recommend enough the team at Green Bean Coffee. They have been like a partner in my business and I know they are always there for me should I need them. "
RAWR Cafe - Shellharbour

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