The Kaffelogic Nano 7E is a high-precision profile roaster for home use, which will roast coffee at the touch of a button. You can either use the built in profile developed by the kaffelogic team, download a profile or create your own. The software allows you multiple options for creating and editing roast profiles that gives the user total control of their roast. The coffee is air roasted for a clean, even roast. A roast takes around 10 minutes including cooling, so it’s easy to roast enough for home use or for professional roasters to test batch their beans. The roaster comes with software for creating and editing roast profiles that gives
the user total control of their roast. 

simple to use

The kaffelogic roasts very consistently and accurately every time. You can roast up to 120gms and it starts to roast at a push of a button. 

The LED screen gives you live roast info and will record what is happening on to your usb. You can create & save infinite number of profiles. 

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  • High accuracy profile roasting
  • Temperature control PID control, fully user programmable
  • Set & forget 1 touch roasting
  • Create, edit & save infinite profiles
  • Roast coffee in 10 minutes including cool down
  • Motor - Brushless DC 60W
  • Heater - 1400w • Power - 230-240V AC

small batch roasting

Intelligent software

The Kaffelogic is also ideal for commercial roasters wanting to roast small batches for cupping. The roasting systems boast exquisite control over every stage of the roast. Use the built-in roast profile, download a roast profile specific to the beans you are roasting, or use our app to develop and share your own roast profiles.

Support and technical information

For instructions, support and software please click on link below