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"Three Consecutive Wins: Sydney Royal Show's Award Winning Blend of 2017, 2018 & 2019!

Indulge in the Finest: A Premium Fusion of 100% Arabica Beans. Crafted from the Heights of Prestigious Coffee Estates.

Unveiling Luxurious Chocolate Undertones Coupled with Subtle Fruity Notes, and a Lingering Silky Finish.

Origins: A Symphony of Flavors from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Ethiopia."

Cupping: Deep chocolate tones with a hint of fruitiness and lingering smooth aftertaste.



"Balancing Fullness and Mildness: A High Grown Estate Blend That Charms Every Palate. Offering a Generous Spectrum of Tastes, from Stone Fruit to Nuts, Wood Spice, and Cocoa, it Graces the Palate Smoothly, Free from Harshness or Overpowering Acidity.

Harnessing the Power of Southern Hemisphere Beans: A Fusion of Earthiness, Spice, and Chocolate. The Culmination of Flavor is Crowned by the Ethiopian High Grown Estate Bean, Infusing Pronounced Stone Fruit Notes."

Cupping: Stone fruit, nuts, wood spice, and cocoas


green bean coffee


A 100% Arabica Blend Merging Sulawesi's Full-Bodied Richness with the Aromatic Sweetness of African & Central American Origins.

A True Rarity: Embracing 'Grand Cru' Elegance, Comprising the Top 10% of World's Best Coffees. Medium to Semi-Dark Roasts Enhance the Lush Vanilla and Caramel Nuances.

Experience Vibrant Flavors: Vanilla Pods, Notes of Red and Blue Berries, Concluding with a Clean Caramel Finish. The Kenyan Bean Infuses Balance, Sharp Acidity, a Solid Body, and Velvet Smoothness."

Cupping: Vanilla, caramel and full bodied flavour.


"A Delectable Fusion, Showcasing the Finest from Three Unique Origins. Embrace the Delightful Fruity Essence from Papua New Guinea, Indulge in Brazil's Sweetness Infused with Chocolate and Nut Nuances. These Harmoniously Combine with the Potent Strength and Cocoa Undertones of Ugandan Coffee, Crafting an Experience of Remarkable Vigor, Flavor, and Intensity.

Savor the Luxurious Smoothness and Richness of this Blend in Espresso Form. When Paired with Milk-based Beverages, the Blend's Vibrant Flavors Persist, Creating a Perfectly Balanced and Full-bodied Symphony."

Melbourne Royal 2022 (award winner)


green bean coffee