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Automatic Coffee Roaster For Cafes

If you have ever thought about roasting your own coffee for your business then we have the roaster for you!!I Take control of your coffee by roasting in-house with the only fully automated bench top roaster in Australia.

NO EXPERIENCE OR EXTRA LABOUR NEEDED!  Start roasting at a touch of a button and you will save your business thousands of $$$. Create theatre for your customers as they watch the coffee roast in front of their eyes. Our roaster is designed and made in the US, specifically to meet the needs of busy café operators. The Green Bean Coffee Roaster allows you to produce fresh coffee easily, consistently, and economically.
Our roasters come with a tried & true roasting profile inbuilt so all that’s required is to fill the chamber with good quality coffee beans to get an outstanding result. We have made roasting coffee as simple as using a kettle!

Why Roast
  • Become a roaster in 30 minutes training
  • Roast 1.2kg of coffee in 17 minutes including cool time
  • Award winning blends to choose from that start at $14 a kilo
  • Be different to the competition
  • Huge retail sales
  • The theatre & aroma of roasting will drive people to your business
  • Over 10 blends, 80single origins, specialty, fairtrade, rainforest alliance and organic coffees to select from
  • Create your own profiles with our ADR Bluetooth software
  • Runs on LPG or Natural gas 
  • Fully approved by AGA as a class 1 appliance
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Overview


  • Roast 3kgs per hour
  • Roasts in under 18 minutes including cool down
  • Perfectly sized for cafes or home business
  • Create unlimited profiles
  • Works on Natural or LPG gas
  • Food theatre & coffee aroma





Advanced Definition Roasting
Profile Coffee Roasting

All roasters now come with Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR). This allows you to upload your own profiles wirelessly to the roaster from a program you install on your laptop or PC. Become a “master roaster” by creating your own custom roasting recipes or just use our pre programmed profile. The fundamental objective of good roasting should be to reveal the best flavours of any particular coffee. This is best achieved by roasting consistently in colour and time-temperature profiles designed to match the characteristics of a particular coffee. Having the ADR software means the roaster will follow your profile time and again to ensure consistency in the flavour of your coffee.


Green Bean coffee is a 1 stop shop and can service every aspect of the coffee industry. We use reputable equipment brands for our coffee machines and grinders and also supply leaf teas, Takeaway cups, sugars, chocolates, chais and more. 

Return on Investment

Price are based on industry average of $25 per kilo wholesale.
Green Bean Price based on Award winning blend KS6 @ $16 per kilo

Coffee useage per week (kilos) Cost per kg wholesale $25 Cost per kilo using green bean Weekly savings
20 500 320 180
30 750 480 270
40 1000 640 360
50 1250 800 450
60 1500 960 540
70 1750 1120 630

Do I need to do a roasting course first

No experience is necessary. The roaster is fully automated and will start roasting at 1 touch button. Any of your staff can become instant roasters and we will support you all the way.

Can I create my own blend

Green Bean have over 12 blends to choose from and a large variety of single origins. We have been very successful with our blends and have won several awards with them too. However, If you are not satisfied with the blend selections we can work with you to create your own signature blend.

Is it difficult to set the roaster up

The roaster is very simple. Once you have gas and electricity ready we turn up with the roaster which we have already tested and loaded with our profile and you simply connect up and start roasting.

How do I know if I can get your roaster installed in my cafe?

Give us a call and we will come out with our team and let you know about installation and cost. We can take care of the whole process for you.

Do you provide coffee making equipment?

We cover every aspect of coffee making. We have been using Wega and Mazzer for over 15 years.

What about council approval?

The roaster does not require any council permission and has a class 1 AGA approval Australia wide. It does require a licensed plumber to install.

Do you provide training?

Yes, we provide training and you will see that within an hour all staff are able to roast coffee. We also provide Barista training too.

I only have a small café with little space, can I still roast?

Of course you can. We have installed these roasters in the smallest of cafés all over Australia. Just give us a call and we will come visit you at no cost and let you know where to place the roaster. It’s very rare that we can’t install them.

I’m worried about leaving my current coffee supplier?

We hear this often and we understand that it can be scary to leave a coffee brand but in our experience our customers have never looked back once they see the savings and the extra customers the roasters bring in.

What happens if roaster breaks down?

Simply call us and we will send out one of our team to repair it. If we can’t repair on the spot we will take it back to base and give you a loan replacement until yours is fixed.

How long before I can start using the coffee?

Once coffee is roasted it needs to rest in ziplock bags with one way valves for a minimum of 6-8 days and will have a shelf life or around 25 days.

Do green coffee beans go off?

Green coffee beans have a minimum shelf life of a year so not a problem.