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Join the roasting revolution and take control of your coffee today.
We are definitely a bit different to other coffee companies as we don't roast your coffee you do!
We are the only company in Australia with an automatic bench top roaster and this is what makes us and you so unique when you join us. 
By using our 1.2 kilo roasters you can easily roast enough coffee to meet the demands of even the busiest cafes. With our roaster you can roast 3 kilos in an hour with minimum experience and no extra labour cost. 
At Green Bean Coffee we have over 10 blends to choose from an incredible selection of over 90 single origins. As well as this we also have specialty, micro lot, certified FairTrade, Rainforest alliance, organic and over 5 Decaf beans to choose from. 
Contact us today for a demo and see how we saved our customers over $1,000,000 on their coffee bills last year
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    Established in 2000